Making the most of Mobility?

So you have decided to mobilise your workforce…Your competitors are doing it…But how do you make the most of your investment?

If any of your processes can benefit from more rapid and accurate data capture, then chances are, AIDC Technology can help you leverage your investment for maximum gain, and push you ahead of the competition.

Put simply, AIDC Technology is Automatic Identification & Data Capture and covers a whole range of technologies that can improve Accuracy and Efficiency for your mobile enterprise. From enterprise grade barcode scanning to credit card reading, appropriately deployed mobile AIDC technology could be the edge you are looking for.

Additionally, embodying business processes within a mobile app, on a familiar mobile platform eg Apple or Android, intrinsically provides better compliance with the business process and reduces the training required for new users. Overall, users have a better acceptance and embrace the technology, further maximizing the benefits resulting from your technology investment.

For many users, improved security and better control over access to enterprise data is a key objective of their mobilization strategy. AIDC Technologies involving SmartCards & Biometrics are now within reach of almost every enterprise with a desire for enhanced security.

Whether you have an existing mobilization strategy in place, or are considering one, we invite you to benefit from our practical knowledge & experience.

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